Public Law

Askan Law Firm undertakes in Public Law area administrative proceedings and tax law cases. Also in criminal law we offer services for the business crimes.


Tax Law

Tax law is a very exclusive proffesion which needs specialty. This part of law sets out financial relations between state and tax payer both individuals  and legal entities. As a result of being part of public law, tax law regulation depends on the country's law system. Our firm provides legal counselling also in this area for foreign investors. In this area Askan Law offers their help for the correction of unlawful description and accrual and canceling of negligent taxes cases.

Administrative Law

Our law firm offers consultation in open definition of adminisitrative law area generated consession contracts, build-oparete-transfer agreement and more of the same contracts between clients and administraion.In addition we put into force action of objection for the benefit of clients administrative fines,permmission and decertification and also claim of damages lawsuits which come to existance as a result of cancelation of administrative acts.

Criminal Law

Our law firm specialised in business crimes. At that point we are consulting and pursuing law suits our clients about which can appear during the trade and financial relations forgery of documents, fraud et cetera.

Private Law

Our experienced firm specializing in private law and providing consultancy services to many companies provides consultancy services within the scope of Commercial Law, Company Law, Labor law, Real estate law and also undertakes litigation processes.


Commercial Companies Law

our founding partners who specialize in the field of commercial law, especially in the field of corporate law, provide consultancy services to our business owners from establishment stage to liquidation or deeds of arrangement stage where necessary with the follow-up of commercial cases, etc. services are provided. Within the scope of this consultancy, support is provided on issues such as the arrangement of the company's articles of incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, such as changing transactions.

Labor law

The business cases of our clients operating in various business branches are carried out by our office. With our clients, a coordinated process is carried out with the human resources department.

Real Estate Law

Due to the construction market and Urban Transformation implementations which have gained momentum in recent years, it is aimed to manage a process without any problems thanks to legal consultancy offered to our clients consisting of condominium owners and contractors. In this context, it is ensured that all measures are taken in order to prevent possible disputes and the legal process is handled correctly. Regarding the disputes arising from the Condominium Law, services are provided in this context. Annulment of disposition cases are another branch that we serve because of our expertise.

Capital Market Law

Capital Market Law is a branch of law that has emerged as a result of the needs of regulations related to capital markets which are the application areas of financial markets and which act as the driving force of the economy. Founding partner of our office Phd. Att. Filiz ASKAN’s expertise in Business Administration and financial law, Mrs. Askan provides consultancy support to our clients in line with developments both in the country and abroad by taking into account risk analysis, income expense balance and asset status in terms of business investments and capital practices. These processes are carried out together with our solution partner.